We have the privillege to have built Valkymia. 

In the year 2013 we started a thrilling project: build the entire architecture necesary to give Valkymia, the first argentinan brand born out of social networks, it’s place in the world of e-commerce. 
In a few years the company went from nothing to becoming one of the leaders in the fashion industry in the digital world and it’s growth has had a great impact both in Argentina as well as internationally.


The entire platform works based in the A/B testing methodology.


We ve built a system that is in constant growth. We ve added houndreds of addons since 2015. 


We ve been together through dozens of high traffic events. Our systems scale.

The technical support and the trust IMPRONTUS provided since the very begining of our operations, is a key factor in the current success of our brand.

Fernando Ciampinelli
Fernando Ciampinelli

Without the compromise of IMPRONTUS, we could not participate in high traffic commercial events.

Leandro Blatman
Leandro Blatman